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Is Palo Santo Endangered? (Pt. III of III)

ENDANGERED: "The Future of Love" (Pt. III of III)
- The Love Issue -

Category Palo Santo / Published: Nov-04-2019 by Ian Elliott

Part III of this mini-series will be a short-and-sweet summary of the most important issue of all: Love.

ENDANGERED: “The Future of Love” is a three-part mini-series that touches on each of the following topics in relation to our beloved botanical of Bursera graveolens, a.k.a. "Palo Santo."

  1. The Environmental Issue
  2. The Socio-Cultural Issue
  3. The Love Issue

We are sharing this information so that you as an individual may make your own informed & conscious choices. We do not promote fear-based narratives, nor do we perpetuate inaccurate information as fact. We're simply here to share a specialized knowledge obtained from our first-hand experience working & researching in this niche field for the past five years. Furthermore, the core intention of this mini-series is to call attention to the single-most vitally important message of all: that of Love.

You’re currently reading “The Love Issue,” so let’s get right to it…

PART III: The Love Issue

What is Love?

Love is creation. Love is compassion. Love is the one and only mode of consciousness that will allow us to be liberated from all pain and suffering. It is only through Love that anything and everything is made possible, for Love is the Answer.

There is so much tension brewing underneath the global social surface, that something as simple as an ill-informed social media post can incite hate wars among people around the world. Global division through prejudicial hate speech is an illness that has crept into humanity from its earliest inception. It is encouraged at the highest level of politics and socially conditioned to this very day. We are all introduced into a state of humanity that deliberately seeks to divide us from the moment we are birthed. For that reason, there will never be any universal agreement on any subject outside that of Love. It is the alpha and the omega, it is the all-encompassing energy from which we all come and to which we all return. For that reason, we must focus on Love and Love only.

A narcissistic narrative continues to dominate the headlines of our global society. The collective values of superficial social media metrics & instant gratification (seemingly, but not truly) outweigh the perceived value of compassion and oneness. This relentlessly unforgiving nature of division has not only pervaded our planet, it has been embraced by many of those who currently reside upon its surface. All human beings are created in humane equality by divine birthright, however not all human beings are equally yet in tune with their awareness of a collectively unified source and their soul purpose for existence.

Do you believe The events happening in your life are bY "coincidence?"

Find yourself through the Love of the Holy Spirit.

There are still many who have yet to experience the awakening call that reveals this divine oneness. Trust that the awakening of one’s soul happens in divine time only. Equally trust that there will be no question of the all-encompassing vibration of universal Love when that frequency is revealed to you. Do you believe that the distorted souls who have allowed evil to take root in their mind and commit horrendous acts against their fellow human beings, have been revealed the universal knowledge of the interconnected nature of all life? The pain, the suffering, and the evil we see today are merely toxic distortions of this unified source consciousness which vibrates in oneness at its core. The flower of life is one of the oldest recorded written symbols known to (wo)man, found in many ancient cultures around the planet. It is a universal symbol that represents the interconnected nature of all living things: from the stars in the sky, to the depths of the ocean, through the vibration of life that pulses through the human body. Physical beings are composed of matter. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed, yet it can be disassembled and reassembled in various physical forms as it traverses across the physical plane of existence. Plants, animals, human beings….the vibration of Love flows through each & every one of us.

Un-a-palo-getic Authenticity

There are those who are aware of their higher spiritual calling and those still in the process of discovery. Those who deliberately intend to bring harm to others through ill-intended acts are actively working to dilute the most critical message of all: the message of One Love, one people, one heart. If one still consciously desires to bring harm to others, they simply do not yet understand the cosmic theater of which they are a part of. Log out and tune in.

At this moment in history, it is rare to reach a global consensus on any topic. Love is the only issue in which any human on earth, from any society, can make a conscious choice to promote and embody, for Love is a state of mind. When you make the conscious choice to resonate in the frequency of Love, you will undoubtedly be met with resistance by those who have not yet realized their own oneness, as such is the path. Now is the time to compassionately silence the violence, and let the Love pour freely into our globally-unified society! It is not an easy path, yet it is undoubtedly the only way home.

Endangered: “The Future of Love” clearly lays out the ethos + worldview of One Love Holistics for any and all who truly care to know. Love is the guiding principle of everything we stand for at OLH, and it is through this Love in oneness that we continue to grow an ethically-aligned, positive social-impact business day-by-day. Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is simply our platform, while it is One Love that is our true core message. Genuine authenticity is not something that can be externally replicated, artificially created, or bought....it just simply is.

We are un-a-palo-getically authentic & gratitude is all there is to it!

What does the next chapter hold in store?

As is true in this life we live here on beautiful Mother Earth, the choice of what is right for you is ultimately yours to make…insofar as it does not harm others. If one does not personally agree with the use of Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) for any particular reason, all is well. This unique botanical will only enter your life insofar as it is needed. When wielded wisely & with the proper respect, it can help to provide a smoother navigation of the earthly plane as human beings and to bridge that which we can see…with that which we cannot.









We are in the midst of yet another shift of human consciousness taking place around the entire world, of which our dearly beloved Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) plays a small, yet vital role. Understand that only through Love can we be liberated! We pure-heartedly choose Love, and it’s a choice we made long, long ago. We hope you join us on the journey home & use your intuition to guide your path forward. Please never forget the power of your actions and words! Use them to uplift, empower, and promote Love!

Please play your imperatively humble role in helping us to preserve the nature of that whose future is is the most critically endangered of all:

"The Future of Love."

Give thanks to the Lord...

Psalm 136:1

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