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What is Palo Santo?

"Palo Santo" a.k.a. Bursera graveolens tree: Private Conservation Area - Northern Perú

What exactly is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo a.k.a. Bursera graveolens is a wild tree native to the countries of Ecuador & Peru. It is most often encountered in the form of its heartwood or essential oil. The wood is commonly burned in a nature similar to incense by allowing the smoke to fill a designated area. Diffusion of the essential oil may be used for those sensitive to smoke. The essential oil can also be externally applied to the body via dilution with carrier oils to activate its pleasantly therapeutic qualities and increase one's relaxation. This lovely aromatic wood has been used for many years , and we work passionately to protect its place in the current generation!


Kingdom: Plantae | Phylum: Angiosperms | Class: Eudicots | Sub-class: Rosids

Order: Sapindales | Family: Burseraceae | Genus: Bursera | Species: B. graveolens

Additional Applications:

Tea- The sticks can be used to prepare tea, which is an effective supplement in the treatment of flu, colds, inflammation, and other various ailments. Please see our Recipes Page for a link to our favorite Palo Santo tea recipes. As a general rule of thumb: start with a smaller quantity & increase amount as desired.

Mosquito Repellent- Wood chips, sticks, and essential oil blends are all used as repellents to discourage mosquito bites. This is one of Palo Santo's most common and well known applications in its native environment.

Skin Topical- Many people find the essential oil and blends thereof to be an effective supplement in the treatment of physical pain and discomfort in areas such as wrist and knee joints, stomach, neck, back, legs, hands, and feet. Whether it's inflammation due to swelling or general discomfort, many find a certain level of relief when externally applying the Palo Santo essential oil in direct contact with the skin. We generally recommend a dilution of 30% Palo Santo essential oil to 70% carrier oil for frequent topical application, however this ratio is entirely up to the individual!

Bursera graveolens tree: Machalilla National Park - Manabí, Ecuador.

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