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A Love Story

Who We Are

We are One Love Holistics: The Palo Santo Company

With a profound love for Palo Santo, we are a driving force for the vision of a holistically-integrated industry for our beloved Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) trees.

"It is our passion & purpose to build a conscious community through which we can share the love of Palo Santo with the world, while facilitating as much positive life-changing impact on people and planet as palo-ssible!"

With Love xoxo,

- Ian + Bridgette


A Socially Responsible Business

Simply stated, we put people & planet before profit. Positive social impact is the guiding principle for measuring our success as a small business. We strive to set the gold standard within our niche industry by facilitating conscious sourcing practices, regenerative forestation, ethical labor conditions, and a socially responsible business model.

The Palo Santo trade is a global industry, and for that reason, must be lead responsibly due to Palo Santo's ever-increasing demand as a natural wellness product worldwide. By focusing our energy into a unique niche product, we are able to maximize our positive social impact & consistently provide the best Palo Santo products available on the international market.

Sustainability is more than a buzz-word at OLH. As a heart-centered business, we are always working to develop environmentally friendly alternatives to shift the current industry paradigm. We do this by building a strong foundation of long-term & love-driven actions with every decision we make. These consciously curated efforts, coupled with our socially-aligned holistic business model, work to ensure a healthy & prosperous future for our cherished Palo Santo.


What are we doing differently?

• Actively supporting the conservation of Palo Santo's native habitat: the tropical dry forest & our ongoing Palo Santo reforestation programs throughout Ecuador & Perú.

• Building an extensive global network of ethically conscious Palo Santo supply chains directly at the source.

• Crafting a uniquely upcycled & love-infused Palo Santo bracelet line to encourage the use of Palo Santo in a smoke-free fashion a.k.a. Palo your Heart™.

• Pioneering true sustainability through a fresh & innovative product line using artisan distilled essential oil from the fruit of Palo Santo.

• Connecting the people of the world through the love of aromatherapy: one incense, one bracelet, & one ethical harvest at a time!

Consciously Crafted + Made with Love

When it comes to conscious business, we resonate with the classic adage of "Don't talk about it, BE about it." To be a truly responsible & ethically intentioned business, you have to walk it & not just talk it! At OLH, we are walking, more like peacefully gliding really, into a bright and promising future for Palo Santo, one step & one stick at a time!

Consciously crafted to us means that while we're constantly adapting, improving, and growing as a company, every step taken is thoughtfully made to best achieve our goals. Every last detail is carefully considered when moving forward with our product lines, packaging materials, & OLH branding message in order to remain true to our roots & values as a mission-aligned holistic wellness company.

We're learning, loving, & appreciating every step of the way & know that our customers are too! <3

•Distilled with Love•

Our 100% Pure Palo Santo Essential Oil is steam distilled in micro-batches at the source. No chemicals, no additives, recyclable bottles, & a whole 'lotta love!

•100% Recyclable Packaging•

Our resealable stand-up pouches are perfect for maintaining the freshness of your Palo Santo smudge sticks. Once finished, you can repurpose or simply recycle them!

•Artisan Crafted Hemp Tags•

Our product tags are handmade in a European family paper mill that uses artisan hemp paper making techniques, passed down from previous generations for the last 2,000 years!

How can you make a difference?

Burn Responsibly - Down to the last nub of your Palo Santo smudge stick? Add it to your living room smudge pot or your next backyard bonfire...don't waste it, properly place it! 

• Embrace Yourself - Are you aware that you don't even need to burn Palo Santo in order to enjoy its aromatic qualities? Be a trendsetter. Adorn yourself with a Palo your Heart™ Palo Santo bracelet as an eco-friendly alternative & lead the way! 

• Spread the Good Wood - Change begins with awareness. Take any & every opportunity possible to educate your friends, family, & fellow human beings about the importance of supporting conscious businesses, no matter what the space, industry, or product!

• Dilute your Palo Santo Essential Oil - Our 100% Pure Palo Santo Essential Oil is just that...100% pure. Using a carrier oil helps to avoid any personal skin sensitivities, as well as extends the life of your oh-so precious bottle. Sometimes less really is more! 

• Plant a Tree - Any tree that is! More trees = more oxygen = more life = more love. Prefer to plant a Palo Santo tree?

So do we...and so can you! ; )

Learn more about our OLH Palo Santo Reforestation program. 

• Show Love - The most impactful difference one can ever make!


OLH Mission Statement

One Love Holistics specializes in artisan handcrafts, sustainably sourced botanicals, & natural lifestyle products gathered from around the world. We believe in creating globally unified micro-economies through the universal art of craft. Adhering to fair trade standards of labor conditions and our materials sourced, we ensure an ethically sound, love-infused, full circle system of commerce from the origin of every product to its final recycle. We give back to the communities that give to us, and work passionately in the cultivation of the highest quality relationships and products. It is through a lovingly dedicated commitment & the power of creative collaboration with all involved, that we continue to push forward the collective vision of One Love Holistics daily.

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